Daily Habit Makeover

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    • Name of the Textbook: Daily Habit Makeover
    • Author: Zoe Mckey
    • Publisher: Jaico books
    • Pages: 155
    • Language: English
    • Book: New

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Beat Procrastination Get More Productive Focus Better Become Healthier in Body and Mind Do you often lose focus? Convince yourself that your tasks can wait when they can’t? Can’t stick to new habits more than a few weeks or days? What happens when deadlines arrive: do you start panicking so badly that you forget what day of the week it is? The time to do something about your bad habits is right now—otherwise, you are in the danger of never starting or finishing your chores. Learn to identify, prioritize, and focus on your most important tasks and get them done. Unlearn bad habits and build powerful, good ones. Daily Habit Makeover helps you reach your maximal productivity and greatest potential by teaching you how to think in a system that excludes procrastination. Know how to identify your most important tasks following a simple mathematical formula and stay disciplined to build productivity habits.


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