Kiran Science Numericals Physics And Chemistry 2300+

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    • Name of the Textbook: Kiran Science Numericals Physics And Chemistry 2300+ Objective Questions For Railway Group D , NTPC ,ALP ,JE
    • Author(s): KHAN SIR PATNA
    • Publisher: Think Tank of Kiran Institute of Career Excellence(KICX)
    • Pages: 280
    • Language: Hindi
    • Book: New

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Content Chapter 1: Unit, vector and Motion Chapter 2: Work, Energy and Power Chapter 3: Gravitation Chapter 4: floatation, Archimedes principle and Elasticity Chapter 5: simple pendulum and restoring force Chapter 6: wave motion and sound Chapter 7: heat Chapter 8: light and mirror Chapter 9: electricity and Magnetism Chapter 10: nature of Matter Chapter 11: molecular and Atomic mass Chapter 12: Atomic Structure Chapter 13: behaviour of Gases Chapter 14: Chemical bond Chapter 15: Periodic Classification Chapter 16: metals and metallurgy Chapter 17: combustion and fuel Chapter 18: carbon Chapter 19: oxygen and sulphur Chapter 20: Organic Chemistry model practice sets total 25 Practice Sets, Each practice set contains 20 questions Solved Paper with explanations (group D, ALP, JE, technical exams) Unit and Motion, force, momentum, impulse and Gravitation work, Energy and Power floatation, Archimedes principle and Elasticity wave Motion and sound heat light electricity and Magnetism nature of Matter molecular and Atomic mass Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding and Chemical reaction Periodic Classification metals and metallurgy.

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