Whispers of You: A Lost & Found Special Edition

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    • Name of the Textbook: Whispers of You: A Lost & Found Special Edition
    • Author: Catherine Cowles
    • Publisher: Pagesmith LLC
    • ISBN: 1951936485
    • Pages: 338
    • Language: English
    • Book: New

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One night-a single moment-cost me everything.


My body, broken beyond repair. The boy I’d thought was my forever. The life I’d always dreamt of.


Now, Holt’s back. And he’s no longer a boy, but a man with shadows in his eyes and demons haunting him.


He says he’s here to make things right. To get back a little bit of all we’ve lost. And he doesn’t show any signs of leaving the small town that has been my refuge.


As stolen moments turn to days, Holt’s around every corner. With his burning stare and lingering touches. Before long, my walls come crashing down and I’m just hoping that taking this second chance isn’t as reckless as it feels.


But not everyone is happy that Holt has returned. As tragedy strikes again, I’m the one left in the crosshairs. And Holt might not be able to save me this time…


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