Sociology Themes and Perspectives (Haralambos Michael)

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    • Name of the Textbook: Sociology Themes and Perspectives (Haralambos Michael)
    • Author: Haralambos Michael
    • Publisher: OUP India
    • SKU: 9780195613797
    • Language: English
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Sociology: Themes And Perspectives is a comprehensive reference book on the subject of sociology.

Summary Of The Book

Sociology: Themes And Perspectives presents an extensive introduction to the field of sociology. It contains a detailed coverage of the concepts. For more than twenty years, it has served as a textbook for various undergraduate courses on the subject. It is a handy reference book for aspirants of the Indian Civil Services examination who have chosen sociology as one of their subjects.

The book covers concepts such as social stratification, sex and gender, poverty, social exclusion, religion, crime and deviance, education, politics, power, communication, and the media. It also explores topics like race, ethnicity, nationality, health, medicine, work, unemployment, culture, and identity.

This book was first published in 1980. This edition is a 2011 reprint by Oxford University Press.


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