Differential Calculus by Dr. Gorakh Prasad

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    • Name of the Textbook: Differential Calculus by Dr. Gorakh Prasad
    • Author: Dr. Gorakh Prasad
    • Publisher: Rashi Kansal
    • ISBN: B08PT2WJ4F
    • Language: English
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Contents: Real Numbers & Functions | Limits & Continuity – ε – δ Definition, Types of Discontinuity | Differentiation – Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Inverse Hyperbolic Functions, Relation between Continuity & Differentiation, Chain Rule of Differentiation, Transformation of Equations | Simple Applications of Derivatives | Successive Differentiation | Leibnitz’s Theorem | Convergence of Series – Tests for Convergence, Absolute Convergence, Alternating Series | Expansion of Functions – Maclaurin’s Theorem, Taylor’s Theorem, Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange’s & Cauchy’s Mean Value Theorems | Tangents & Normals – Angle of Intersection of Curves, Subtangent, Subnormal, Pedal Equations | Asymptotes – Rule for Finding Asymptotes, Parallel Asymptotes, Curvilinear & Circular Asymptotes, Intersection of the Curve & its Asymptote | Curvature – Formula for Radius of Curvature for Cartesian, Pedal & Polar Equations, Newtonian Method, Centre of Curvature, Chord of Curvature, Concavity, Convexity & Point of Inflexion | Singular Points, Curve Tracing of Cartesian & Polar Equations | Partial Differentiation – Limits & Continuity for Functions of two Variables, Change of Variables, Taylor’s Theorem for Functions of two Variables | Jacobian of Function of Functions & of Implicit Functions | Conditions for dependence of Functions | Envelopes, Evolutes | Evolute as Envelope of Normals | Maxima & Minima – Conditions & Working Rules for Functions of One, Two Variables, Applications, Lagrange’s Multipliers | Indeterminate Forms

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