Integral Calculus by Dr. Gorakh Prasad

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    • Name of the Textbook: Integral Calculus by Dr. Gorakh Prasad
    • Author: Dr. Gorakh Prasad
    • Publisher: Rashi Kansal
    • ISBN: B09RSZ7K3R
    • Language: English
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Contents: Elementary Methods of Integration | Integration of Rational, Irrational & Trigonometric Functions | Definite Integrals & Summation of Series | Convergence of Improper Integrals | Beta and Gamma Functions | Quadrature – Areas of Curves| Rectification – Lengths of Curves | Volumes and Surfaces Solids of Revolution | Centre of Gravity, Moment of Inertia | Multiple Integrals, Change of Order of Integration, Dirichlet’s Integral Differential Equations: Differential Equations of the First Order and First Degree – Linear, Homogenous, Exact Differential Equations | Differential Equations of the First order but not of the First Degree – Equations solvable for p, x and y, Clairaut’s Equation | General & Singular Solution of a Differential Equation, Orthogonal Trajectories of a Family of Curves | Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients | Linear Equations with Variable Coefficients | Solving by Changing the Dependent or Independent Variable, Method of Operational Factors, Variation of Parameters, Undetermined Coefficients | Homogenous Linear Equations, Simultaneous Differential Equations

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