Export Import Procedure and Documentation

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  • Name of the Textbook: Export-Import Procedure and Documentation
  • B.com: 4th Sem
  • Author: Bimal Jaiswal & Yusuf Kamal
  • Publisher: New Royal Book Company
  • Language: English
  • Book: New
  • ISBN:9788194342700
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The book “Export-Import Procedures and Documentation” offers an intercontinental frame of reference that enables us to build a factual foundation and understanding on the basis of export-import procedures and documentation and the factors that influence them. It facilitates students to expand their outlook with respect to the process of documentation and provides them with an insight into revolutionary changes in business and economics experienced by the world in the past decades. The changing pattern of economic phases and paradigm shifts in the business climate of the nations is making a great impact on the world economy and its development process.

The book is written with a view to providing an easy understanding of the introductory topics associated with the subject of export-import processes and documentation with statistical references that highlight its implications on the world economic system in general and the Indian economy in specific. The book also envelops content that comprises of the significance of export-planning and adaptation, standardization and packaging, procurement and processing of an export order and contracts, export costing and pricing, export documentation, methods/terms of payment for exports, export financing, etc.

Export documentation facilitates the smooth flow of goods and payments thereof across national frontiers. Export, import procedures serve as an important guide to international trade operations. It is beneficial for companies to have export and import manual of procedures and documentation. Exporters and importers must maintain a record relating to their international trade transactions. This documentation involves heavy and cumbersome paperwork for exporting organizations. These manuals serve as an effective tool for smooth operations and as a training tool for new employees.

Through this effort, the author has tried to envelop numerous topics from relating arrays and disciplines namely marketing, economics, banking, communication, etc. Moreover, it creates a better understanding of various policy reforms initiated both at the national and international levels. It is tailored using relevant tables, charts, images, examples and case studies that present an easy understanding of the subject. The book shall be useful for undergraduates, graduates and professional courses of numerous universities all over India. It would serve as a foundational reference for beginners and would develop analytical insights for learned. The uniqueness of the book lies with high value, updated current information to reach the readers more quickly

The book also depicts quality, clarity, and simplicity that would be valuable to self- learners and would prove as an in-depth source for the aspirants intending to make their career in international business. Relevant materials from several distinct sources have been assembled to prepare the manuscript.
About the Author
Mrs Swapna Pillai PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, BSSS College, Bhopal. She has done PhD(Marketing), MBA(Finance), M.Com (Accounts), B.Ed. She has teaching experience of more than 18 years. She is an active researcher and her areas of interest are financial accounting, corporate accounting, marketing management and international business.She a life member of Indian Accounting Association. She was Chief Editor of BSSS Journal of Commerce. She has presented research papers in the field of accounting, finance and marketing in various National and International Seminars and conferences .She has published papers in International as well as national journals. She has organised number of seminar and workshop. Presently she is the Coordinator of B.Com (Honours). This is her maiden effort as book writer.

Export-Import Procedures and Documentation Syllabus For B.Com. Semester IV of Lucknow University, Lucknow

Unit I: Exports-planning: Adaption, Standardisation, and Packing. Getting ready for Exports – Procurement and processing of an export order and Export Contract. Export Costing & Pricing, Export Documentation : Concept & Types. Steps in Export Procedure.

Unit II: Methods/Terms of payments for Exports, Export Financing: Pre Shipment and Post Shipment Financing. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC of India). Quality control and inspection of Exports. Type of risks,
Cargo insurance: Contract, procedures, and documentation for cargo loss claims, INCO Terms.

Unit III: Central Excise and custom clearance regulations – Procedures and Documentation. Export/trading/star trading/superstar trading houses; Objective criteria and benefits, procedures and documentation; Policy for EOU/FTZ/EPZ units, Objectives, criteria, and benefits.

Unit IV: Institutional Support for India’s Foreign Trade, Export Incentives (Financial & Non-Financial Incentives). Schemes for import of capital goods, Procedures and documentation for new/second-hand capital goods. International Logistics.

Export-Import Procedures and Documentation Book Contents

  1. Export-Planning and Adaption
  2. Standardization and Packaging
  3. Getting Ready for Exports Procurement and Processing of an Export Order and Contract
  4. Export Costing and Pricing
  5. Export Documentation and Steps in Export Procedure
  6. Methods/Terms of Payment for Exports, Export Financing (Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment Financing)
  7. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC), Quality Control and Inspection In Exports, Type of Risks
  8. Cargo Insurance (Contract, Procedures, Documentation for Cargo Loss Claim, Incoterms)
  9. GST and Customs Clearance Regulations (Procedures and Documentation)
  10. Export Trading/Star Trading/ Superstar Trading Houses (Objectives, Criteria and Benefits, Procedures, and Documentation)
  11. Policy For EOU/FTZ/EPZ Units (Objectives, Criteria, and Benefits)
  12. Institutional Support for India’s Foreign Trade, Export Incentives (Financial and Non-Financial Incentives)
  13. Schemes for Import of Capital Goods (Procedures and Documentation for New/Second-Hand Capital Goods, International Logistics)


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