Human Behaviour at work

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  • Name of the Textbook: Human Behaviour at work
  • B.com: 2nd Sem
  • Author: Dr. Gaurav Sankalp
  • Publisher: Sahitya Bhawan Publications
  • Language: English
  • Book: New
  • ISBN: 9789388408677
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Human Behaviour at Work Syllabus For B.Com Semester II of Lucknow University

Unit I: Meaning and development of Organizational Behaviour, Need for Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Behaviour Model.

Unit II: Perception: Meaning, Significance of Perception for understanding Human Behaviour, Perception Process and Factors Influencing Perception; Personality: Concept, Factors influencing Personality, Theories of Personality.

Unit III: Learning: Concept, Process, Learning Theory and OB, OB Modification, Motivation: Motivation and Goal-Directed Nature of Human Behaviour, Process, Theories of Motivation: Maslow’s need hierarchy, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, Theory X, Y and Z, Conflict Management.

Unit IV: Group Dynamics: Meaning, Functions, Types Reasons for joining Group, Stages of Group Development, Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages of Informal Groups, Group Norms, Group Cohesiveness, Leadership: Meaning, style, approaches of leadership (Trait and Behaviour approach).

Human Behaviour at Work Book Content

  1. Organisational Behaviour
  2. Perception
  3. Personality
  4. Learning
  5. Motivation
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Group Dynamics
  8. Leadership


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