Information Systems and E-Commerce

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  • Name of the Textbook: Information Systems and E-Commerce
  • B.com: 4th Sem
  • Author:  Prof. S. L. Arora
  • Publisher: Sahitya Bhawan Publication
  • Language: English
  • Book: New
  • ISBN: 9789389797046
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This Information Systems and E-Commerce book have been designed specially to meet the need of students of B.Com IV Semester of Lucknow University, Lucknow.

It serves as a textbook with very simple and elaborative language with a number of examples, pictures, diagrams, and tables. This will make the concepts more understandable, easy to learn and remember. As per guidelines, only Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will be asked in the exam. Keeping this, additional facts about almost all topics of the syllabus have been given. It will help readers to attempt Multiple Choice Questions of various levels. Very large numbers of solved Multiple Choice Questions have been given at the end of each chapter. This will provide a lot of practice for the exam.

Information Systems and E-Commerce Syllabus For B.Com Semester IV of Lucknow University, Lucknow.

Unit I: Introduction to Computer systems, elements of a Computer System, types of Computers and their features, input, output, and storage devices, types of software, networking and Internet, types of networks and networking devices, methods of Internet access, services available through the Internet, business applications and benefits of computerization and the Internet.

Unit II: Introduction to Information Systems, business applications, and its benefits, functional and cross-functional Information Systems: Transaction Processing Systems, Electronic Data Interchange, On-Line Analytical Processing, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Executive Support Systems, Enterprise applications, Supply Chain Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems.

Unit III: Concept of Database and Database Management System centralized and distributed Database Systems, Planning, and designing of Information Systems: System Flow Charts, traditional System Development Life Cycle, modern System Development Methods, Implementing Information Systems as planned organizational change.

Unit IV: Concept of E-commerce, Digital Markets and Digital Goods, advantages and disadvantages of transacting online, types of E-commerce and M-commerce, E-commerce business models, e-payment systems, digital signatures.

Information Systems and E-Commerce Book Contents

  1. Introduction to Computer Systems
  2. Input, Output and Storage Devices
  3. Networking and Internet
  4. Introduction to Information Systems
  5. Concept Of Database
  6. E-Commerce


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