Micro Economics

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  • Name of the Textbook: Micro Economics
  • B.com: 2nd Sem
  • Author: Dr. J.P. Mishra
  • Publisher: Sahitya Bhawan Publications
  • Language: English
  • Book: New
  • ISBN: 978-93-88408-45-5
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Syllabus of Micro Economics B.Com Semester-II Lucknow University

Unit I: Market:- Concept, Classification of Market. Supply:- Meaning and Change in Supply. Factors Affecting the Supply; Supply Elasticity. Perfect Competition:- Firm and Industry, Assumptions, Equilibrium and Price Determination. Practical Problems.
Unit II: Monopoly:- Assumptions, Equilibrium and Price Determination, Price Discrimination, Degree of Monopoly Power and its Regulation.
Unit-III: Monopolistic Competition:- Assumptions/Characteristics, Product Differentiation,
Selling Cast. Equilibrium and Price Determination. Oligopoly market:- Concept and Characteristics, Practical Problems.
Unit-IV: Factor Pricing:- Rent:- Ricardian Theory, Modern Theory, Quasi Rent. Wages:- Subsistence Theory of Wages, Wage Fund Theory, Residual Claimant Theory, and Marginal Productivity Theory. Interest:- Classical Theory of Interest, Loanable Funds Theory, Liquidity Preference Theory. Concept of the Liquidity Trap. Profit:- Accounting and Economic Profit. Dynamic Theory of Profit. Risk-bearing Theory, Uncertainty Bearing Theory, and Innovation Theory. Functions of Profit.

Micro Economics Book Contents

  1. Market (Concept and Classification)
  2. Revenue Analysis
  3. Theory of Supply
  4. Equilibrium of Firm and Industry Under Perfect Competition
  5. Price-output Determination Under Perfect Competition
  6. Monopoly Pricing & Price Discrimination
  7. Pricing Under Monopolistic Competition
  8. Oligopoly Market (Concept and Characteristics)
  9. Theories of Distribution
  10. Rent
  11. Wages
  12. Interest
  13. Profits
  14. Practical Problems


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